Electric Equipment

Tips and Points

A collection of electric points and point d’arrets as seen Absolutes Fencing’s Facebook page. 1



Notes on New Electrical Points – AF Vol 12 Num 4 – 1961-04




Scoring Equipment

The Electric Fence Co 2 and Electric Duelling 3 scoring sets were published to Absolute Fencing’s Facebook page.




Boris Onischenko 4

Onischenko’s épée – Courtesy of Sandy Kerekes & https://www.si.com/olympics/2020/07/21/greatest-olympic-cheater-boris-onischenko-1976-olympics



  1. Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image4
  2. Electric Fence Co Link
  3. Electric Duelling Link
  4. The Curious Case of the Electrified Épée