Fencing Grips

Spanish Offset / Cetrulo


Modern Spanish & Dos Santos



Belgian, TCA American, and Schemasport are included for comparison.




Russian & Rambeau


USA Fencing Rules August 2020:

1. The maximum length of the grip in foil and épée is 20 cm, measured between lines B and
E, and 18 cm, measured between lines B and D. In sabre the maximum length of the grip is
17 cm (see Figures 8, 9 and 13).

2. The grip must be able to pass through the same gauge as the guard. It must be so made
that normally it cannot injure either the user or his opponent.

3. All types of grips are allowed providing that they conform to the regulations which have
been framed with a view to placing the various types of weapons on the same footing.
However, at épée, orthopedic grips, whether metal or not, may not be covered with
leather or any material which could hide wires or switches.

4. The grip must not include any device which assists the fencer to use it as a throwing

5. The grip must not include any device which can increase in any way the protection
afforded to the hand or wrist of the fencer by the guard: a cross bar or electric socket
which extends beyond the edge of the guard is expressly forbidden.

6. If the grip (or glove) includes any device or attachment or has a special shape
(orthopedic) which fixes the position of the hand on the grip, the grip must conform to the
following conditions.

a) It must determine and fix one position only for the hand on the grip.

b) When the hand occupies this one position on the grip, the extremity of the thumb
when completely extended must not be more than 2 cm from the inner surface of the